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Ruston Services DMA 8000 Accessory Kit

Ruston Services have developed a small accessory kit of additional items which help to make the PerkinElmer DMA 8000 system even better. The kit includes a stainless-steel tray with feet, which provided a waterproof tray to catch melted ice when using the liquid nitrogen cooling system, and also protects your table from liquid nitrogen drips which can damage plastic coatings on laboratory benches. A further benefit is that it can be used to keeps the small measuring system parts from falling onto the floor, and is immune to damage if hot parts fall onto it.

Two nut spinners are included for the two sizes of nut which are used with the DMA 8000 measuring systems – 5mm and 5.5mm. These allows easy installation or removal of the nuts on the various threaded legs which comprise the DMA 8000 measuring systems, and help to minimise risk to the DMA drive motor.

A 5mm combination spanner is included with a ring at one end, and open jaw at the other. This is very helpful when installing samples in the tension measuring system.

A USB cooling fan is included, which speeds up cooling of the DMA measuring system and furnace when these are opened at the end of a test. By using the fan, cooling times can be reduced to below 15 minutes from 200°C, giving a faster turnaround between sample tests.


  • Stainless steel tray with feet. Measures 400mm x 200mm x 35mm.
  • Strong serrated blade scissors
  • Nut spinner for 5mm nuts
  • Nut spinner for 5.5mm nuts
  • 5mm combination spanner with 5mm ring at one end, and 5mm open jaw at the other. Used with the DMA 8000 tension measuring system
  • 96mm diameter USB Cooling fan with 1m cable to speed up cooling after a test has completed. May be used with USB A extension cables (not included)
  • 30cm stainless steel safety ruler for cutting samples manually


The accessory kit is priced at £100

Price excludes shipping cost and UK VAT
(where applicable)

Replacement Parts

Part No.  Description

DP01-001:  Stainless Steel Tray 40cm x 20cm
DP01-002:  USB Cooling Fan
DP01-003:   5mm Spanner – ring and open jaw
DP01-004:   Stainless Steel M2.5 spare nuts for Tension Mode
DP01-005:   Stainless Steel Spacers for Tension & Compression Modes
DP01-006:   Strong Serrated Scissors for Sample Cutting
DP01-007:   30cm Stainless Steel Safety Cutting Ruler

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