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Ruston Services TGA Balance Purge Gas Switch

These purge gas switch units are available with either left-hand or right-hand gas entry points, single or multiple gas inlet lines, and single or multiple outlet controls. Included with the unit are wall mounting feet and gas labels for air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon and helium, with pressure regulators to display up to 60psi / 4 bar, or optionally to 100psi / 6 bar.

All connection fittings are Swagelok™ 1/8 inch type or similar as standard.


  • Simple and reliable changeover valve controls which purge goes to the TGA balance inlet.
  • Avoids the need to disconnect gas lines to change purge type entering the TGA balance housing.
  • Clear labelling to allow operators to confirm settings and simple operation.
  • Powder coating finish allows other labels to be firmly attached to the box where additional information is required.
  • Wall mounting feet on each panel are provided to allow attachment to any vertical surface.
  • Standard 1/8 inch Swagelok™ or equivalent connections provided for gas inlets and gas outlets.
  • Gas supplies may be specified to enter from either the left side or the right side of the gas panel—see ordering information for more details.
  • All internal tubing in 1/8 inch copper to avoid diffusion of oxygen or nitrogen into gas lines.
  • All-metal case, powder coated to provide a rugged unit with a corrosion-resistant finish Inlet.


Gas Switch Unit is priced at £350
Price exclude 20% UK VAT (where applicable) and excludes shipping costs.

Gas Switch

Inlet End

Gas Switch

Front View

Gas Switch

Outlet End

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