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Ruston Services Instrument Gas Control Panels

These gas control panels are designed specifically for control of laboratory instrumentation such as thermal analysis or gas chromatography. With gas bottles normally stored outside the laboratory environment for safety reasons, it is important to have a means of displaying the gas pressure from the supply to ensure that the appropriate gas supplies are reaching the analyser inside the laboratory.

The panels provide a convenient way to split gas supplies piped into the laboratory from outside and control the pressure to various analysers without bundles of unsightly tubes being visible. In addition, the labelling system supplied with the panels allows you to clearly mark each outlet connection in respect of the gas it is controlling. When analysers are not in use, a simple toggle valve starts or stops the gas flow, avoiding the need to change the gas regulator control setting.

These units are available with either left-hand or right-hand gas entry points, single or multiple gas inlet lines, and single or multiple outlet controls. Included with the unit are wall mounting feet and gas labels for air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon and helium, with pressure regulators to display up to 60psi / 4 bar, or optionally to 100psi / 6 bar.

All connection fittings are Swagelok™ 1/8 inch type or similar as standard.


  • Clear pressure display, with gauges graduated both in bar and pounds per square inch (psi). The gauge display reads from 0—60 psi / 0—4 bar pressure.
  • Optional 0—6 bar (90 psi) gauges for gas chromatography applications.
  • Simple and reliable on-off toggle valve controls each gas channel individually without the need to modify the regulator settings, maintaining constant pressure settings over time.
  • Industry standard Norgren™ pressure regulators, which are self-relieving to allow rapid pressure reduction settings as well as precise pressure settings. 
  • Regulator knob can be locked to avoid accidental setting changes
  • Sheet of self-adhesive labels is supplied with each gas panel to allow each gas channel to be clearly marked. The powder coating finish allows other labels to be firmly attached to the box where additional information is required 
  • Wall mounting feet on each panel are provided to allow attachment to any vertical surface. Additional holes for 3mm screws provided to allow base-mounting if required.
  • Standard 1/8 inch Swagelok™ or equivalent connections provided for gas inlet and gas outlet       
  • All internal tubing is 1/8 inch copper tubing to avoid diffusion of oxygen or nitrogen into the gas lines from outside
  • Gas supplies may be specified to enter from either the left side or the right side of the gas panel—see ordering information for more details.
  • All-metal case, manufactured from 1mm steel sheet, powder coated with two separate layers to provide a rugged unit with a corrosion-resistant finish Inlet
  • Gases may be split inside the panel to provide gas supplies to multiple controls at the same time, minimising expensive pipework to the control panel itself.    
  • Anti rotation locking for all external connections, ensuring positive gas-tight closure of gas connections.        

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