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A range of accessories and other equipment for thermal analysis.

Ruston Services Thermal Analysis Equipment Hire

From time to time, when resolving a production problem or developing a new product, you might need access to thermal analysis equipment such as DSC, TGA or DMA. It can be time consuming to get capital approval to purchase your own equipment, and there may not be a long term need for the equipment either. To help you, Ruston Services has several thermal analysis system options which can be rented for as little as six months, with an open-ended agreement for the rental term.

Our Pricing Includes

  • Delivery and installation
  • Calibration to manufacturer’s standard
  • Commissioning
  • User Training
  • Method development
  • Remote assistance for problem solving, interpretation, and technical assistance using email, Skype, or telephone for up to 12 hours in the first month, and 4 hours per month afterwards. Additional support time can be purchased if required.
  • System decommissioning and packing at the end of the hire period.

Systems Available

Typical systems for hire are:

  • PerkinElmer DSC 4000 with Water Circulation Cooling

  • 20°C to 450°C
  • Typical applications including polymer analysis, glass transitions, oxidation induction time, melting points, purity, heat capacity.

  • PerkinElmer DSC 4000 with Refrigeration Cooling

  • -70°C to 450°C
  • Typical applications including polymer analysis, freezing points, crystallisation, glass transitions, oxidation induction time, melting points, purity, heat capacity.

  • PerkinElmer Pyris 1 TGA System

  • 20°C to 1000°C
  • Typical applications including polymer composition, moisture content, filler content, ash.

  • PerkinElmer DMA 8000 System

  • 20°C to 400°C (optional cooling system to starting temperatures as low as -190°C, using liquid nitrogen)
  • Typical applications include glass transition measurements, modulus determination, “tack, and peel”, stiffness, and many more.

Systems include a Windows 10 PC to control the analyser, PerkinElmer Pyris Software for Windows to control the analyser, and enough consumables to get you started. You would need to provide suitable gases for DSC or TGA. Please contact us for more information


Pricing starts from £500 + VAT (where applicable) per month per system for longer term rentals, and the pricing we will quote you will include delivery, commissioning, calibration, user training and on-line remote support. Minimum hire period is 6 months.

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