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Vacuum Control Panel For TGA Analysers

When working under vacuum with thermogravimetric analysers (TGA), it is important that the vacuum is both applied and released slowly, otherwise the sample or sample pans can be blown around inside the TGA and cause contamination which requires cleaning out. Ruston Services has designed a suitable manual control panel such that the vacuum can be applied and released using needle valves, with a vacuum gauge which gives a clear indication of the line pressure to the TGA at all times.

The design of the gas system is such that the TGA can be let up to ambient pressure from a nitrogen supply to ensure that the sample is not exposed to oxygen, or the system can be let up to air.

Key features are

  • Vacuum gauge always shows the pressure in the TGA Line.
  • Needle valve to control gas inlet speed to return the TGA system to ambient pressure
  • Needle valve to control evacuation rate and avoid disturbing the sample or the TGA balance
  • On/off toggle valve to isolate vacuum pump from the control panel
  • TGA can be returned to ambient pressure using a nitrogen purge inlet

A suitable vacuum pump can be supplied at extra cost. Please state voltage required.


Panel size (H X W X D) 360mm x 196mm x 120mm (includes mounting feet)
Vacuum Gauge 100mm diameter
Pressure from -1 bar to 0 bar (0 to -760mm Hg)
Time to Fully Evacuate TGA Typically less than 1 minute, based on a TGA balance volume of 1.5L
Connection sizes Vacuum pump connection – brass 6mm OD barbed hosetail connector
TGA Analyser connection – brass 6mm OD barbed hosetail connector
Vacuum Release ¼” Swagelok type connector (may be connected to an N2 supply to refill the TGA with nitrogen)
Adaptor from ¼” to 1/8” Swagelok type included
(adaptor to metric sizes can be supplied on request)
Vacuum Hose 6m of silicone vacuum hose (11mm OD x 6mm ID) is supplied with the control panel


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